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1st Online Land Battle Win

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Lenardius VII
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Game Version: Standard Edition
Number of Players: 2
Player 1's Name: Lenardius_VII
Player 2's Name: marshal_Davout (I think)
# of Florins: 14000 this is my first online win. No rules.
It started of with me using my favourite tactic which I use line infranty to distract, fatigue, kill as much men as I can and then ambush with cavalry to cause confusion and more distraction. I then use elite units that are 3 chevrons experienced to pick off the rest. Easy for me to say but it didn't go as quite planned early on the game. First of all i made a mistake by not deploying my artillery from the moment we started the battle. Secondly...I underestimated howitzer range (I don't use much seige) most of my artillery got obliterated from the start as I tried to move them up a little to get more range aginst my opponent. Regardless of my two mistakes, I marched on my line infrantry and tried to attack the right side of my opponent who is happily camping on high ground with constant artillery barrage against my forces getting there. On the left side of the battle I had my tirailleurs causing a distruption as well as 2 groups line infantry causing my opponent to form square formation on 3 of his line infantry and bring another unit of cannon as support. As that is going on. The right side of line infantry that I marched at the start of the game I manage to hold the ground for a while to caus some damage to his riflemen and line infantry. I eventually lost that battle. My enemy seeing that I have 1 or 2 artillery unit firing back and 2 units of line infantry and tirailleurs on the left side of me was desperate for the win. Im sure he was thinking that was all I had left so he chased and chased my remaining tirailleurs. so I play a nice cat and mouse game as I was thinking the only way to win is to trap his main army near the forest.My Maison du roi, Royal Eccossais and Infanterie Vieux were waiting with their trigger happy fingers itching to take a life. I disabled fire at will to draw them into appopriate range. I charged with my cavalry that was hidden while they were chasing my tirailleurs. Little did the player know that he'd be completely ambushed and slaughtered. He played into my trap and I unleashed my attack shooting with my maisons then charging and then using the rest of the elites to pick the rest off. I won that battle and I killed 1 unit of the Black Watch in process. After that slaughter he had another remaining Black Watch at his starting position with his artillery on the hill. I was running near the side of the map to avoid his bombardment of his howitzer and mortar. This resulted me in avoiding the artillery and eventually taking down his fresh unit of blackwatch with what I had. I won the battle. I have learnt that its a good idea deploy your artillery in attack mode at the start of an online match and if your first plan fails, improvise, adapt to your failures and hope for some luck the process. I hope you enjoy this reply.
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JLithium wow thanks, that is a really good strategy... i just got the game and im installing it. hope it works against comps.
i would also use the french or the austrians...
hope to see you online

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