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Team Online Win against H8 Klan

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Lenardius VII
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Game Version: Standard Edition
Number of Players: 4
Player 1's Name: Lenardius VII
Player 2's Name: Bushranger (ally)
Player 3's Name: H8 HIKKUPZ
Player 4's Name: H8 Jimbo Jamerson
# of Florins: 14000
The H8 Klan are comprised of 2 players, they are known in our small Australian Steam community of never holding back, never camping and always marching forward, they are rushers basically which is good. It makes the game fun unlike boring campers at higher ground that I admit...have lost 2-3 times. They cause quite a stir amongst players, particularly against another clan called DC (Death Claw) where H8 accuses their Admin of Death Claw, EVAN DC and his members (about 6 of them I think) of quiting when they are losing and complaining to H8 Klan that because they spam alot of line infrantry and cavalry it lags the battle and the same old childish "im better than you." talk. So...I decided to give challenge these guys along with an unknown ally called Bushranger. As we prepare selecting our troops their rules were simply and I quote "NO QUITTING, NO DROPPING IF YOU ARE LOSING." I told them fine, its just a game. So we entered the game with no rules as you'll see my 2 howitzers and 1 mortar unit. I like to bump up experience on my elite units and keep them hidden as you will see and I like to send in line infrantry (very expendable to me) to fatigue their forces and kill as much men as I can before I send my elite forces to pick of the tired and the weak along with my cavalry. To my surprise my ally held his ground as both players were rushing straight at him. I flanked them with the protection of the forest and I made them scared as I picked off more of their troops with my elite units they began retreating to higher ground as i bring in my line infantry while they skirmish at a long distance up hill with their annoying riflemen/long range light units. Eventually it resulted me removing their line infantry as my ally and I started chasing these last bit of riflemen to their deaths and a eventual route. In the end they thanked us for a GG (Good Game) and I told them good they followed their own rules as I was thinking if these guys will drop out. I hope you enjoy this replay.
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