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Scottish Bagpipes

A brief History

Well there are many theories about the origin of the bagpipe. each country has its own claim to a Type of bagpipe, i.e. Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Israel, etc etc.

The first bagpipers in Scotland were said to have come from Italy, from a place called Cremona. Chief of Clan MacLeod was out in the Holy Lands in the 1600's when he captured a Bagpiper in the enemy forces. He liked the sound of the Pipes he was playing (they would sound a lot flatter in tone, and would be made out of local Wood) He took him back to the Clan lands of Dunveagan in the Isle of Skye and got him too teach the Highlanders how to play the pipes. Many folk and some of them experts reckon this is rubbish !!! That there has always been Bagpipes in Scotland of one type or another.

The old type of bagpipe music is called Piobaireachd (pronounced Peebrock) and is based on the Human voice , or the bagpipe trying to re create the human voice or singing ( called Cantaireachd..pronounced Can ter a ght). There is evidence that a family called MacCrimmon had a Piping School in Borreraig in the Isle of Skye as far back as the late 1500's. Clans sent their Pipers to this school to be taught by the Masters of piping. However, later the MacKays, MacGregors, Camerons & MacArthurs also had piping schools run by their own people who had been taught at Borreaig.

Clans had different rallying tunes, played by their clan pipers in battle (much like a bugle or flag) . After the English banned the Bagpipes after 1745 (Proscription)
Highland Regiments were raised to fight in various Wars. These Regiments took the bagpipe to war with them. (so, Proscription didn't fully work, and Clan Chiefs although educated at English schools, kept their Scottish identity) The British Army, standardised the Bagpipe for use in Battle, right up too World War 2.

There was a Captain Donald MacCrimmon of the Skye Piping school who fought
with the Loyal Scots in the American War of Independence. He was decorated for bravery, and on his return in old age too Scotland was asked to resume a Piping School. He declined because the wages were not enough.

They reckon that the Roman Legions had Pipers that they marched too as they conquered Europe and most of the world. They also reckon that Nero did not play the fiddle as Rome burned, but played the pipes instead.

Scotland, adapted the pipes throughout the ages, with little mention of any Irish input, although, the Irish had their own , very good bellows blown type of bagpipe.

The Bagpipes are Scottish, through and through, because Scotland adapted their type of Bagpipe into

what it is now.

Go back to the Revolutionary War and the French & Indian war, and you'll find Highland (British) regiments complete with pipers. Several regiments were stationed here in the States (before they were the states)... including the 72nd Seaforth, and the 74th as well, if I recall correctly. the 72nd had men stationed in Canada during the American Civil War as well... though none ever "invaded" southward.

It's important to remember that quite a lot of the Scots immigrants to the US just after 1745 were political prisoners, refugees, etc... and the Proscription Act covered them: owning or making tartan, wearing kilts, playing bagpipes, and several other culturally related activities were punishable--quite severely punishable.

NEW IN v.3 Gnr Graham's, Authentic & Historical Bagpipe Marches

I made this mod in answer to various requests, performed by the Gordon Highlanders,

Note that this mod is not faction specific, and should only be used if you enjoy bagpipe music!

Please give feedback on this mod


4 separate full tunes

Improved sound quality

1, Regimental March\ Cock O'the North

2, Route March

3, Regimental Company March

4, When The Battle is Over


Make backups of your previous mod and keep in a safe place,
Install into your Data folder and your done,

If you are using any other sound fife and drums, bagpipe, mod, remove and save!

his is an example of the work I have been doing!

I have also mad battle march tunes fot the following.

Fife and drums

German, Prussian, Whestphalia, Hessian, British, Swedish, and many more

Bagpipes include

The Gordon Highlanders, Scots Guards, Black Watch, and even Swedish bagpipe music!!

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