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Forum Announcements
Forum Rules and Guidelines (Link)
Please read these rules before you post.
Moderation Announcements (Link)
Issues concerning Member bannings and warnings are posted in here.
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News Forum
Read and write comments for all of the front page news.
186 topics
757 posts
Rome II Total War (Link)
Rome returns, better than ever (we hope).
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ETWH Comments and Announcements
Post any comments or requests you have about our website and check for announcements and updates to Empire: Total War Heaven.
40 topics
185 posts
Rome: Total War and Medieval II: Total War Forums (Link)
Visit our forums for Rome: Total War and Medieval II: Total War.
HG Forum Feedback (Link)
Forum for help, discussion, feedback, bug reports, and feature suggestions for HG's forum software.
Total War: Shogun 2
Shogun 2 Heaven Forums (Link)
Join your fellow Daimyo in discussion of the latest in the Total War series at our official forums for Shogun 2 Heaven!
Empire: Total War
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Empire: Total War - Campaign & General Discussion
Discuss Empire: Total War campaigns here. Also for general game discussion that doesn't fit in any of the other forums.
1026 topics
11700 posts
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Empire: Total War - Land Battle Discussion
Discuss land battles in Empire: Total War here.
275 topics
3071 posts
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Empire: Total War - Naval Battles
Discuss naval battles in Empire: Total War here.
112 topics
1156 posts
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Empire: Total War - Multiplayer
For all multiplayer topics, see this forum. You can find the ladder here.
81 topics
647 posts
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ETW Guides and Articles Forum
Submit, discuss and collaborate on articles for Empire: Total War here.
37 topics
182 posts
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Technical Help and Bug Reporting
Can't install the game or encountering a lock-up? Find a bug? Post it here and we'll try to lend a hand. Be sure to post the game version, your system specs, like operating system, computer make, processor speed, video and sound card models! For non-Total War related issues, please use the Tech Help Forum at HG Main.
352 topics
2083 posts
Napoleon: Total War
Empire: Total War Modifications
[ ]
Empire: Total War Modifications
Discuss modding and modding issues for Empire: Total War here.
91 topics
427 posts
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Empire: Total War Heaven Downloads Reviewers Forum
A private forum for ETWH Downloads Reviewers to discuss any relevant issues.
4 topics
4 posts
Empire: Total War Heaven Downloads Section (Link)
Find all downloads pertaining to Empire: Total War here.
Community Forums
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The Red Lion Tavern
Place to chat about anything not related to Total War. Philosophy, other games, and whatever else. Just avoid flaming and spamming.
5468 topics
279700 posts
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Total War History
This forum is for all the historians out there to discuss history from the Ancient Egyptians to the late Nineteenth Century. If you wish to discuss other areas of history, check the Library Forum at HeavenGames Main.
1098 topics
24910 posts
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Bardic Circle - War Stories & AAR forum
Got a memorable battle you want to tell about? Want to just make something up? This is the place. Write and read Total War stories here.
1584 topics
32164 posts
HeavenGames Main
Outside Discussions (Link)
The place to meet up with others from all over HG. If you have a burning issue you need to discuss, a forum game you want to play or if you just want to catch up with your friends, come inside.If you are new, please read the Forum Guide before you post.
The Library (Link)
Discuss politics, history, issues, existence, whatever. We won't judge on what is smart or not, but please put thought into your posts. Please refrain from sidetracking. Note that the Library incorporates the old HG main history forum which has been archived.
HG Main Mafia Forum (Link)
A place to play mafia with people from all over HG.
The Arts Forum (Link)
Discussions for the Creative Arts: Website Design, Skins, Desktops, Photography, Drawings, Cooking etc.Why not share what you create?
Coding (Link)
Programming discussions. Newbies and gurus welcome!
HTML & Websites (Link)
Having problems getting a page to display correctly in a browser? Need help with HTML? Starting a new website? Need a host? Share your questions and answers here.
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