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Topic Subject:Of God and Kings: Reformation Map Game
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posted 11-08-14 01:33 PM EDT (US)         
The World on January 1, 1520

The Catholic church has become corrupt and bloated. So much so that a monk named Martin Luther has found 95 issues with the church and nailed them to a door. The Pope has ordered him to recant, but Luther has dared to defy the church. Luther is also begining to find supporters and gain a following. History is about to change, how will nations react?

The Great Powers
The Papacy(Popeychops): The Catholic church controls the majority of the European world, but, it has it's own problems. Many people are starting to feel that the church is becoming bloated and corrupt. Up until Martin Luther, none of the sever critics have been reachable and killable, but Luther is being protected by the duke of Saxony.

Spain(Excelsior): Ruled by the Habsburg family, the traditional Holy Roman Emperors, Spain has risen to be the most powerful European country with their holdings in the New World. Charles V, the one and true king of Spain, also has familial ties with Austria and England. Spain's major rival of the day is the Valois held France. Charles V is a devout Catholic.

England(Awesome Eagle): Ruled by Henry VIII, England is an island nation. England's navy is considered one of the best in the world. The English have a long drawn rivalry with the French. Which has made war seem eminent, up until recently that is. Henry has been seeking an alliance with the French at the suggestion of his trusted adviser Wolsey. Henry is a devout Catholic and is writing a book denouncing the reformer Martin Luther. Henry's wife, a relative of Charles V, has been unable to bear children.

France(Alex the Bold): Ruled by Francis of the Valois family, France has been one of the most powerful countries in Europe since the Hundred Years War. France has a rivalry with Spain and England.

The Lesser Powers

Scotland(Lucius Julius): Currently ruled by a regent and in the Shadow of England, Scotland may face civil war over the who has more control over the future King.

Austria(Punic Hebil): Austria is one of the major electors of the Holy Roman Empire, and is currently ruled by Ferdinand II who also has a claim to the Hungarian throne through marriage.

Wallachia(Dominicus Ultimus): currently allied with
the Hungarians and supported by the Ottomans. Wallachia is a member of the Orthodox church. It also supplies the Ottomans with military supplies.

Sweden(Jetkill): Sweden is facing invasion by Denmark and is currently outmatched and on the verge of losing the conflict.

Bavaria(Hannibal): one of the electors to the Holy Roman Emperor, Bavaria holds some minor power in the Empire.

The Rules

Basically, as long as it makes sense you can do it, I reserve the right to make things more interesting(who wants alien invasions?) if I so choose though I'll try to make the random events more historical than fiction. Please bold your commands using [b][/b]. Every Saturday marks the end of a year, but I will post in between them.

If anyone has any issues(or if I missed someone) let me know.

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So I think it is safe to say Scenter has quit. Any volunteers for hosts or are we just writing this off completely?

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