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The Red Lion Tavern
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Topic Subject:New Victoria 2 Multiplayer game
posted 06-20-14 10:49 AM EDT (US)         
Hello, first of all I apologize if this somehow doesn't fit in your forum rules, I'm not trying to steal attention from your forum, it's simply that Victoria 2 community is so small that it's really hard to find reliable players.

Anyway to get to the topic, we are starting a new multiplayer ranked game this Saturday 18h CET(Noon EST). Sign ups and all the info about the game can be found here.

A bit of a background story, we created our community some 6 months ago and invented a ladder system, every player gets points based on the performance in game. The first ladder season ended last week and we are now starting a new one. We are looking for few more players to fill up the roster(15 players signed at the moment). So far we had around 15 to 20 players in every game but since it's Summer time we expect people to have a bit more time and hopefully to expand community.

If you need anything you can contact me via Skype (Slayzer92). Or steam (Moirana - that is my main account I use it only for Dota).

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