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Topic Subject: Changing of the Great Guard
posted 09-29-11 08:07 AM EDT (US)   
Some big changes are happening at Heavengames. Due to various reasons and other commitments, the previous EXCO has decided to step down and make room for a new team to take charge of HG.

So thanks to the old team, for all the effort and time they've put in, and welcome to the new team, General_II, Shanks13 and Terikel Grayhair, who will be our new helmsmen.
Quoted from HG Main:

The prior EXCO comprised of Zen, Soccy, Jay, and Yeeb has disbanded and a new EXCO comprised of General_II, Shanks13, and Terikel Grayhair has been formed.

The trio had a meeting on September 25th, during which an outline of key issues was agreed upon, a direction for HG was decided upon, and a plan to reform HG's management system is being put into motion.

Our direction is defined by this mission statement: Heaven Games builds content-rich creative communities with which gamers can enrich their gaming experiences.

Management is being reformed by realizing that HG is not, and never will be, a traditional business. All who work for HG do so as volunteers who work out of enjoyment and pride in what they produce. This will continue, but there must be a level of volunteers at HG who can be relied upon to keep HG not only running, but improving, and this level of commitment exceeds that encompassed by volunteer work for enjoyment. Consequently, the new EXCO is investigating forming an expanded guidance council responsible for helping the EXCO make informed decisions. Activity and presence will be expected from these staff members, and there will be rules in place to prevent inactivity from derailing efforts to move forward.

Finally, the mentioned outline is still in the process of being written and made functional. You may expect some form of an outline of HG's goals, challenges, and considerations in the future.

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