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Topic Subject: CA working on "Total War game away from PC"
posted 06-30-11 06:16 AM EDT (US) has posted on their blog an interview with Tim Heaton, CA's studio director. It's mostly his views on the recent history of CA, but there's one sentence which is much more interesting than that:
We’re also looking at new opportunities on all the possible platforms, and already have a team working on a Total War game away from PC.
So, a Total War game that's not on the PC could mean it's moving to other platforms as well. In December Kevin McDowell, CA's lead artist, said they knew how to make TW work on consoles, but that the question was whether it would sell:
"We have actually solved the problem with controlling Total War games using a control pad anyway.

"In the past one of the artists actually coded up some experimental stuff just on his own time and was like, 'Oh that actually works really well,'" he revealed.

"But I think the biggest issue really is, would Total War sell on console? It's kind of difficult to answer that question without spending all that money."

"I mean you've talked about using joypads, we've also looked elsewhere, we're looking at everything including iPhones, online gaming as well. Just different ways of playing."
So, big question is: what are they working on? Total War on console, portable devices, smartphones? Share your thoughts and speculations on the forums.

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