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Empire: Total War - Land Battle Discussion
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Topic Subject: How do you emplacing artillery units?
posted 05-23-10 06:56 AM EDT (US)   
This is probably a silly question but how do you emplace artillery pieces as I can't see how? I've been playing ETW for ages but have never been able to.

When I play against the AI in a battle it always emplaces its artillery with nice looking sand bags and revetments and a cool gunning platform for the artillery which protects it from my artillery. But how does it do this and how can I do it? When I select my artillery when deploying them I can't see any way to emplace them, so how do you do it please?

posted 05-23-10 11:18 AM EDT (US)     1 / 3  
I assume you are talking about a campaign battle.

I also assume that you are the attaker correct?

This is because the defender (AI) has probably been stationed in the same area for over 2 turns. When an army is stationed for over 2 turns, you can see some stakes form around the army on the campaign map. This gives the defender the ablility to set up a wide variety of defenceds such as stakes or sandbags.
The reason why you cannot do this is because you are the attaker.

Try this out by placing an army in hostile territory for 2 turns, (note:you cannot be attacked, attack, or move for the two turns or else it will not work) wait for an enemy to attack you. If you have those stakes around you, you can set up defences.

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posted 05-25-10 04:37 AM EDT (US)     2 / 3  
Note that these defences will make the artillery's fire arc more narrow and that the guns can't be moved. So be careful with the deployment. When you attack an enemy, you can use this to your advantage by attacking the enemy from another side, rendering their artillery useless.

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posted 05-26-10 02:27 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3  
Thanks Thrashmad. Yes I thought there might be a downside to emplacing artillery. However, such artillery pieces seem to be invulnerable to round shot from enemy cannon (but not exploding ordnance), and above all it looks very cool.

Might be a good tactic to have 3 or 4 static artillery pieces arranged in a semi-circle to cover the approaches and entrench them. I'm thinking Battle of Borodino, Russian gun emplacement style sort of thing. Might look good but probably very impractical.

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