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Topic Subject:Military Supremacy
posted 12-13-13 02:53 PM EDT (US)         
Which countries have military advantages? For instance I know that Austria has 150 men per line infantry compared to the norm of 120. I also know that several countries have specialized troops, usually with a max number of them that you can have. Do any countries have technologies that only they can research? Do you know of any units that are particularly deadly. Mainly what countries offer that edge that most just cant stack up against.
posted 01-20-14 01:09 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
Most factions in game have different advantages when it comes to military units.

For example, Austria as you pointed out has larger regiments but poor reload and accuracy statistics. It is more a quantitative rather than a qualitative army.

Prussia have the highest reloading skill, and therefore enjoy a distinct advantage in extended line skirmishes.

Great Britain on the other hand enjoy the highest accuracy ratings, therefore can kill plenty more opposition per volley, and in turn this has a substantial impact on demoralizing the enemy.

Nations of the east have the best melee troops.

So it really is about preference.

I tend to prefer the Prussian armies the most because they are ideally suited for the theatre they spend the most time in, Central Europe. Here most nations resort to line infantry tactics and extended skirmishes are quite normal. They also enjoy higher than average melee and charge statistics.

In terms of technology, there is no unique technology tree per faction (unlike in Age of Empires). Here all factions have access to the same technologies and it is only a matter of researching, that brings about a difference. It is for this reason I consider technologies once researched hold very little value in terms of granting uniqueness and use them whenever I can to broker a trade agreement, alliance or military access.
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