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Topic Subject:Want to bag yourself a custom title?
Seraph Emeritus
posted 09-06-09 08:52 AM EDT (US)         
Forumers of Total War Heaven

Many articles have been submitted to TWH over the years and much effort has been expended by non-staff but us staff are greedy and we want more so we're going to run a wee scheme that will both thank those who have contributed as well as encourage further contribution. This has been piloted for M2TWH and RTWH so we're happy to extend it to ETWH as well.

Custom titles
Yes. You heard that right. We will hand out custom titles to people who submit articles.

Here is how it's going to work.
If you submit four articles, you will gain a "tier 1" title.
If you submit seven articles, you will gain a "tier 2" title.
If you submit ten articles, you get to chose your own title.

The titles on offer are:
Tier 1: Rake
Tier 2: Gentleman
This scheme applies for all future articles submitted and is also backdated to include articles submitted in the past that are hosted on our two front pages.
The articles eligible are:
-Strategy or gameplay articles for ETW.
-Modification tutorials for ETW.
-History articles for ETW.
We will also count hosting & presenting the forum awards. For practical reasons, we will not be backdating this beyond the most recent awards (which do count).
We will not be keeping count of articles submitted and it is up to the forumers themselves to keep count of their own articles and contact mods to request their title.

You can of course still submit articles related to RTW or M2TW and get a custom title. See here for details.
If all your content submitted is ETW specific, then you will get the relevant ETW title. If you have submitted for multiple TW games, you get to chose whether you have the ETW, M2TW or RTW title.

A couple of pointers...
We're giving out rewards here so we expect any submitted content to be up to scratch. Any articles requiring major correction or amendment beyond html coding or otherwise deficient will not be considered. TWH mods have the final say on this matter and any complaints or issues will be dealt with over email.

Staff are welcome to avail of this scheme for their own submitted content if they wish and there is no issue if anybody wishes to collect their custom title at a later date. This scheme isn't going to run anywhere and there is no time limit as to when you can "cash your cheque".

For practical reasons, anybody who qualifies for selecting their own custom title gets one go at picking it so make sure you're happy with it as there are no second chances, unless you feel like submitting another 10 articles!

Feel free to discuss this and if you have suggestions on how the scheme can be improved, let us know.

posted 08-20-10 02:07 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
More articles are added. Total is 8 I think? The new ones are under CAMPAIGN.

Feel free to delete this message please.
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