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Topic Subject: Greek War of Independance 1821-1832
posted 05-17-12 05:24 AM EDT (US)   
I was just wondering, could the Greeks have succeeded in gaining their independance from the Ottoman empire without the European countries' intervention (Battle of Navarino). I mean, the Ottomans were severely weakened by internal strife (the murder of the previous Sultan by the janissaries) so there could have been success without the Greeks' depending on England, France and Russia.

Share your opinions.

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posted 05-24-12 03:11 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
I freely admit that the Greek War of Independence is not one I've studied in any detail, but I still have to say that international intervention was decisive in resolving the conflict in the Greeks' favour.

The Battle of Navarino was the first official intervention, it's true, but European military advisers were training and leading Greek forces before then.

Navarino and the negotiations before and after it caused a significant halt to Ottoman military operations. Prior to then they had started achieving real successes in regaining control of territory.

And Navarino wasn't the end of outside intervention either. The threat of French military intervention caused the withdrawal and recall to Egypt of the substantial Egyptian army in the Peloponnese, depriving the Sultan of his most effective military force.

One also cannot overlook the Russian attacks against Ottoman territory either.

While Greece might, and most probably would, still have achieved independence, it would not have come so early without European intervention.

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