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Topic Subject: Shogun 2 Demo released!
posted 02-22-11 01:10 PM EDT (US)   
That's right the Shogun 2 Demo is now up on Steam. It is pretty large - a whopping 5GB, here is what SenseiTW had to say about it;
Rather than using, as we usually do, just one historical battle and a single tutorial battle, we're basing this demo on the campaign and battle tutorials. The campaign tutorial handholds the player through the first few turns of a campaign game, serves up three tutorial battles of increasing complexity, and then lets go of the player's hand, leaving them free to explore a mini-campaign.

To cut the size of the download down to something even remotely acceptable for a demo, we have had to make all battles, apart from the three tutorial battles and one big historical battle, auto-resolved battles.
You can begin the download on the Steam Store

Hunterufus has already made a thread on our forums for the demo. Share your thoughts here.

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