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Topic Subject: Faction Feature 4: Mori
posted 01-21-11 10:18 AM EDT (US)   
The latest Shogun 2 Faction reveal went live today, giving us a preview of the Mori Clan which Scipii has posted for discussion in our Shogun 2 forum.

The faction logo, or 'Mon', of the Mori Clan.
Under Mori Motonari, their daimyo, the clan is still at war with the Amako and, indeed, their home in Aki is threatened by an invasion from the north by the Amako. They are still allied with the Ouchi clan of Suo and Nagati to the west, and have peaceful relations with the Kikkawa and Kono in Bingo and Iyo respectively. The war with the Amako is not without opportunity, though: the Amako’s home province of Iwami has deposits of precious metals. Access to other valuable resources would require the removal of the Kikkawa and Kono. But with the sea-going skills of the Mori and the wealth of Iwami, an ambitious daimyo could go far, perhaps as far as the shogun’s palace?
Sounds like the Mori Clan will benefit from some helpful alliances and strong borders from the start of the campaign, allowing them to focus on their enemies the Amako. If the player were to remove the Amako and claim their lands they'd benefit from it's resources.

With their naval prowess there is no Clan of Japan which can safely say they'll avoid conflict with the Mori. Does this Clan sound like one you would like to play? Join the discussion or view the rest of the faction reveal in Scipii's thread here.

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