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Topic Subject: Second Faction Feature: Date
posted 01-04-11 05:38 PM EDT (US)   
The second official Faction Feature is now up in our Shogun 2 forum.

The faction logo, or 'Mon', of the Date Clan.

This time we are given a snippet of info on the Date Clan, who reside in Northern Japan. From what we're told it seems they've just emerged from a period of turmoil and internal unrest, as the dust settles and Shogun 2 begins the player who chooses the Date as their clan has very strong warriors at their disposal.
Date warriors have a fierce and unforgiving nature. Their foes learn this on the battlefield, shortly before they die. All Date units have a charge bonus, and their fearsome no-dachi samurai, with two-handed swords, are cheap to recruit and maintain. The Date can also recruit superior no-dachi units as well: attack is a Date watchword!
They sound like a no-brainer for offensively minded and aggressive campaigners. Drop in and read the whole Blog entry for information and join the ongoing discussion we have for the Date Clan, here.

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