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Empire: Total War Heaven » Forums » Technical Help and Bug Reporting » doubts about Darthmod install
Topic Subject:doubts about Darthmod install
posted 10-07-14 09:35 AM EDT (US)         

i will profit of restarting all my campaign at start to install Darthmod but its "quite" confused on forums and about all versions...
i have 3 questions, needing confirmation before to be sure, about install DM...

PLEASE, answer me about ALL 3 if possible... thx a lot

to be clear about infos, here:
DMUC-----"darthmod ultimate commander"

1) i am MORE intrested by DM updates first (AI level & bug corrections, etc)
compared of DMUC updates are (design of units, new ones, etc).
so, i want to be sure updates of DM6.2 will be downloaded...

my question: is it sure DMUC6.2 have ALSO updates of DM6.2 ?
(Or must i do downloading of DM6.2 before DMUC6.2 to have AI updated ?)

2) to reach last level of DM actually, it seems necessary to have downloaded:
- DM6.2, first
- DM7.0, second
- DM8.0 Platinum, last
and to have downloaded them all 3 in this rightfull order...

I didnt found easally DM7.0 (there is DMUC7.0 but 1st question need confirmation before) and concerning DM7.0,
there is only DM6.95 easally accessible...

my question: is it the same to download DM6.95 & DM7.0 ?
(again: if its confirmed i must download DM7.0 first and not directly DMUC7.0...)

3) I play in french and would like to continue like that whatever the mods i use...
it seems confirmed about DMUC the language can be french, but...

my question: ...is it also the case with DM ?
(again: if 1st answer, here, about "DM or DMUC" shows i need to download DM specificaly)

hope i were clear about all
1st real question needing answer is DM or DMUC like u can see...

hope u will can confirm me
thx a lot for help
c u
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