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Technical Help and Bug Reporting
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Topic Subject:Can anyone help?
posted 02-07-11 06:42 PM EDT (US)         
I understand that this is probably the wrong place for this, but i considered it and the Bugs forum is considerably less active and if you think about it, the only people visiting there are people with problems and therefore likely wont have a great knowledge of the game mechanics. So i am hoping i can put this here:

I have complained about this before, over a year ago but once again i have installed Empire and it has failed to work. Well the installation isn't the problem, it took ages to do but it worked. But upon loading the game up i am faced with this screen:

Does anyone have any idea about what the problem is? The last time i tried to play it, clickable bars shown there were the same, but the background was normal the first time where they are not pink. I seem to recall nobody knowing back then, but Empire was still relatively new (Napoleon wasn't out yet if i recall) so i am hoping people will have developed a greater knowledge now and might have figured out the problem?

posted 02-07-11 06:49 PM EDT (US)     1 / 5       
Though I'm no computer expert, the chopped up visuals and pink tone suggest that your graphics card is likely getting burned out or your computer is just too hot. How old is your graphics card? Do you clean the insides of your computer and ventilate it? Worst case scenario you're probably going to have to get a new graphics card.

Also, the admins are probably gonna move this. Tech problem or not it still has to belong in the appropriate location.

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posted 02-07-11 07:02 PM EDT (US)     2 / 5       
Specs for your computer would be helpful.

I would try updating your graphics card drivers before considering a new card.
posted 02-08-11 06:06 AM EDT (US)     3 / 5       
How would i go about updating my card? I have had this computer for quite a while, probably between 6-4 years. I haven't changed the card or anything, i wouldn't know how. If i have to buy a new card, how much will that cost me?
The pink tone and dodgy texture are new problems, but the recurring issue is the absense of the text except for the occassional Q. Thanks for the help.

I know this will likely be moved, but i hoped my reasons would make sense to at least delay it being moved, at least until enough people who could help might have seen it.
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posted 02-08-11 06:25 AM EDT (US)     4 / 5       
First, check what you have going to start menu, run and type in dxdiag and press enter. Then tell us what it tells you in the display tab.

It's also worth opening your box and checking if you have a PCI-e slot, which looks like this:

Or since you're so close, I could make a house call.

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posted 02-08-11 09:48 AM EDT (US)     5 / 5       
It is still a tech question so I am moving this to the tech forum. Tech-minded people do actually visit it when the new posts icon is glowing, so no fear of getting no response is necessary.

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