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Technical Help and Bug Reporting
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Empire: Total War Heaven » Forums » Technical Help and Bug Reporting » Pathfinding, Moving Multiple Units
Topic Subject:Pathfinding, Moving Multiple Units
posted 01-07-11 02:48 PM EDT (US)         
I have played this game on both my laptop and desktop, both of which exceed the recommended specs. I cannot command more than one unit at a time with any consistency.

As you all know, when you click and drag to move a unit, you can change the facing and formation of it. Apparently other people can even do this with more than one unit. Sometimes I can do this with two units successfully, but never more than two.

If I try to move more than two units at a time, the game gives them random formations and/or distances from each other. For example, if I select three units and click and drag, the green markers go all over the place. Even if I just click somewhere with multiple units they may go off in entirely different directions.

Thinking that this was just a normal bug or just how the game works (this is my first Total War game, and probably my last due to this mess), I got used to having to order around one unit at a time. This is incredibly frustrating, especially because CA, in its infinite wisdom, apparently decided that you cannot "group" one unit for quick access to each unit individually.

I beat the Independence and Grand campaigns on my desktop this way (and of course did NOT get my Steam achievements for either). I have recently begun on my laptop to do them again. I got the Independence achievement (American Hero), but I'm trying to beat the Grand Campaign on Hard for all of its achievements.

Playing the battles on Hard while only ordering one unit at a time has forced me to play entirely in slow motion. I am so frustrated at this point. I have looked all over the place and cannot find anyone mentioning this problem. I watched some gameplay on Youtube and was aghast when I saw the person ordering around 10 units at a time with facing and formation quickly, simply, and without a problem.

Can anyone help me with this?! I am at my wits' end. I just submitted a ticket with SEGA, but I am not hopeful of the result. That's why I'm posting here. Thanks.
The Pirate of AE
posted 01-29-11 10:58 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
I could be treaian being in your way, if your next to a cliff or outcropping, or near buildings i does it for me, i tend to order as a whole army out in the open, then 1 by one in close quarters.
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