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Empire: Total War Modifications
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Topic Subject: Trade Route Mods
posted 01-21-13 10:57 PM EDT (US)   
Has anyone made a mod in which it is possible to trade with factions without having a direct overland route or the right port facilities at either end? I’m thinking of the First Nations (Iroquois, Cherokee, Plains, etc) in particular. Also, another variant would be an option to trade through an overland route made possible by ports. For instance, if I am Great Britain and want to trade with the Ottoman Empire, I could (with modification) trade by having a land connection in North Africa and a friendly port that connects back to Great Britain. Another prospect could be trading inland through a third party. Let’s say that Great Britain wants to trade with Austria, but Austria has lost her ports. A possibility for a mod might be the ability to trade with Austria through Venice’s ports. Venice would get a cut of the action and could sever the trade link at will. Alternatively, Great Britain could trade with Hannover through Denmark or Courland through Poland-Lithuania. This last arrangement would be very fragile, but it would expand the trade possibilities enormously.

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posted 01-22-13 08:21 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
I like the idea, but I have not heard of such a mod. It seems like it would be difficult to balance, though not necessarily hard to code.

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