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Topic Subject:Italy
posted 11-07-09 00:00 AM EDT (US)         
Does anyone know of a mod, or can anyone make a mod for Italy? Whereas, the dumb peach colored key flag of the Papal States is changed to the modern red-white-green flag? Or at least make it the Italian Republican flag.

Petty, I know, but I'd like it.

posted 11-07-09 00:14 AM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
Regalia of Nations. If you play as the Italian States (which you may need a separate mod for), you can have a revolt, just as if you were playing as Great Britain or France. The flag of the Republic of Italy is a Tri-color with the letters "RR" on it.

Cyclohexane - it's what's for dinner!
posted 02-16-10 09:23 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
If any nation is to have the current flag of Italy, it would be either Savoy or the Kingdom of Sardinia (which controlled Savoy, known as Piedmont from 1770-1860). Sardinia is actually the Italian nation that unified all of Italy and began flying the Italian flag we know today. I don't know if when Sardinia becomes free it forms its own nation or becomes rebels.
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