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Empire: Total War - Land Battle Discussion
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Topic Subject: Difficult Battle
posted 05-16-10 05:45 PM EDT (US)   
I'm trying to play a campaign with Britain on VH/VH. Without fail, on the first turn, the Huron/Wyandot declare war and send an army toward Moose Factory. because of the limited amount of time, I can only recruit two units, and the choice is between Hessian Line Infantry, or Colonial Militia, so I choose the Hessians. The battle then, always looks like this:

1 General's bodyguard (I recruit him also, generic 3 star general)
2 Hessian Line Infantry
1 Pikeman
1 Rangers
2 Flintlock armed citizenry

1 chief's bodyguard
3 native american warriors
2 native american tribesman
3 native american bowmen

The battle map has a few native huts and a couple stands of trees, but no real defensible terrain. I've been trying to win this battle, but haven't been able to. The natives charge and almost immediately all my units rout and flee. If anyone has any ideas on how to win this battle, I would appreciate it.
posted 05-16-10 09:02 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2  
You can recruit all the generals you want and natives have low morale, so if you use a bunch of bodyguards to charge en masse into their flank I bet you could rout quite a few of them. While I wouldn't suggest going with more than 3-4 bodyguard units, it's obviously a high cost strategy.

You might also want to consider selling it to say, France for Martinique or to Spain for one of their 8 territories outside Spain proper (Gibraltar being your best bet). You might even be able to trade it for Corsica to Genoa or Denmark for Iceland (to get a couple warship factories). Whatever you sell it for, it will likely not be a wealthy territory by any standards.

Either way, I'm sure it will repay you later on if you can keep Moose Factory or even sell it for a slight downgrade. It's just a huge a pain to send an army up there, by land or by boat, and can end up costing you a lot of money to keep a large garrison in the town. Kind of like Carthage's territory in Sardinia in Rome:TW. It's worth selling to Greece or Spain to get Rome to go to war with them and leave you alone - at least for a little longer.

Then again... Rome was a lot more powerful than a bunch of native americans with bows, arrows, and tomahawks.
posted 06-02-10 08:45 AM EDT (US)     2 / 2  
If I end up in an immediate war with the Huron, I often just traded the territory with the Dutch for Curacao, which gives another Caribbean port and trade route, providing immediate income.

Alternatively, you could try building a fort between Moose Factory and the Huron invasion route. If you can get them to assault, you should gain a small advantage (even if you can't get pikemen onto walls ...). At the very least it may buy some time.

Research bayonets as a priority, because you'll need to boost your units' melee stats.

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