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Empire: Total War - Land Battle Discussion
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Topic Subject: TIPS: Minimizing loses in attacking a fort
posted 12-15-09 10:46 AM EDT (US)   
This is a solicitation. What are the rules of thumb for minimizing losses and improving chances of success in attacking forts?

Attack on opposite sides of the fort or concentrate in a corner?

Attack simultaneously or attack in waves?

Knock down the gate or the wall or scale with ladders?

Win the walls or dash for the center?
posted 12-15-09 11:18 AM EDT (US)     1 / 12  
Personally, I use rockets to scare the soldiers off of the walls and to fire on them when they gather in the square, then anything else to pound the walls. When their ammunition is out, I send my soldiers onto the walls before the enemy can, and shoot at them for as long as it takes for the soldiers to get into position, before charging into melee.

That doesn't usually last long before the enemy routs, because of the artillery.

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posted 12-15-09 11:36 AM EDT (US)     2 / 12  
I do the same thing as Gallowglass, or else my soldiers normally get raped if they meet soldiers who aint demotivated. But if you got no cannons you got one good tactic, or two.

1. Dont attack, wait for them to attack you. Easier to fight on open map insted of annoying forts.
2. A bayo charge will almost never go wrong, if you know how to do it. So charge!!!!!!!!!

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posted 12-15-09 03:50 PM EDT (US)     3 / 12  
Pound down the walls with cannon. I like to make a siege army with a ton of cannon.

A sneaky trick to pull is to trap guys on the wall with our cannon. You need at least four foot artillery. The 24lbs will work best. I like six of them to do this. Now what you do is concentrate all your fire on one section of the wall where the stairs are. As soon as that is destroyed take out the next set of stairs. This works best when you can trap as many of the enemy on that isolated section. The faster you knock down the wall the more effective it is because the enemy won't realize what you are doing until it is too late, and BAM half their force is stranded on the walls. This is my favored tactic for star forts because they have huge sections with few stairs so you can trap nearly the entire force.

If you don't have cannon your best bet is to starve them out.

If that isn't a viable option then split your force into to groups. Send one at one side and when the enemy throws everything to push them back take the second group and scale an undefended section. Whatever you do do not send your men to walk below men on the wall. If you want to move to another side stay out of cannon range. Never put yourself in a position where the enemy can hurt you and you can't hurt them.

As far as units go I like to have a lot of cannon and line infantry with at least two grenadiers. Those guys are great for gaining a foothold for your line infantry to make it up.
posted 12-15-09 06:44 PM EDT (US)     4 / 12  
if u ever attack always play as france

they have the best cannons

bring at least 4 guard artys and maybe another 4 howister

if you defend get britain cuz they got high morale and def
posted 12-17-09 11:26 PM EDT (US)     5 / 12  
If you want to know, I usually attack with what is at hand. Usually, that is a lot of line units with maybe a general or cavalry. I don't really think, "I am going to siege, so I better wait five turns to build some artillery and have it crawl two territories away." More often, "I better attack now after the enemy wasted their forces. I'll assume they have a third stack so I'll tray to take the city with a half stack assembled from odd units in the three surrounding territories and see if I can eek this out." And I never really get to the end of campaigns to have rocket units, mostly because my games tend to crash around the year 1755.
posted 12-17-09 11:35 PM EDT (US)     6 / 12  
Yeah, rockets tend to be a bit far away for me too. I'm not going to wait decades just to get them.

I also use whatever I have at hand: line infantry, militia, cannons, dragoons etc.

I do prefer to attack on at least two fronts, and I'll often go for one of the corners of the fort. If you stagger the attacks slightly, the AI will tend to muster most of its forces to oppose the first attack.

It works even better where you can keep one wing out of sight until the other wing is almost at the walls.

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posted 12-22-09 04:23 AM EDT (US)     7 / 12  
I like to use mortars or rockets. They outrage the forts cannons and can shoot over hills and walls. While their accuracy are bad, they will kill enemy soldiers when they shoot on them for 30 minutes. But most of the time you don't need to do that since the AI usually goes out to meet you. Howitzers can also be used to make it attack, but since they will be targeted by the cannons on the walls, you might want to wait a turn so you can deploy field fortifications.

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posted 12-28-09 08:12 AM EDT (US)     8 / 12  
A good place to start a attack is a corner of any fort because their guns won't be able to hit you. You need howitzers and cannons(at least 2 of each). You plant your howitzers at the corner, place cannons on each side, place other troops in a defensive position so that you can reppell any attacks later on. Use howitzers to take out anybody standing in that corner of the fort. After that, move your artillery closer and take out troops farther inside the fort. Do so until the enemy starts to sally the fort. When they do, they most likely be attacking you one at a time but you'll have your cannons with canister shoot and your line infantry. I used that method on several occasions and the best part about it is that after you win, the city's walls will still be standing. Good luck!
posted 03-06-10 03:16 AM EDT (US)     9 / 12  
I was he Prussians attacking a fully upgraded city fort. I had 3 24-lber cannons and 3 24-lber howitzers in my center 3 line infantry units and a militia. An assortment of calvary I dont remember cause they all ran away. Basically I took down a wall and waited. Wave after wave was thrown at me. My little ol infantry with my cannon howitzer combo held off and defeated 2500 guys. On my howitzers I used carcass shot and it highly demoralized the enemy so my the time they got to my infantry with in a minute they ran away.
posted 03-06-10 01:58 PM EDT (US)     10 / 12  
I do'nt have any prob. forts - but discovered after the bouncing rubble stopped bouncing and I took possesion of my fort all the walls I knocked down with my artillery. - Are not repairable. And I now have a fort with big holes in it.
So far as I know unless you scrap the fort and start from scratch you ca'nt repair the damage you created.
Howitzers are really good at forcing the opposition in the fort into the open ( leaving fort ) without damaging the fort because of plunging fire of Howitzers clear the walls
and units / within the fort.

Rule of thumb for taking forts - one howtizer keeps the real estate intact and your shiny new fort without holes
in it.
posted 04-22-10 04:00 PM EDT (US)     11 / 12  
I usually run out if time before I complete the battle, which is very annoying.

Can you guys give me some tips on how to do it completely, not just minimize casualties?


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posted 05-05-10 03:26 AM EDT (US)     12 / 12  
I posted this in th other topic but this applies here very much, so here it is again:

"What I do is something like this (H/H): minimum 2 artillery, like 6 inf, 2 cav + general. (numbers vary ofcourse)

Then carefully position your arty on the corner end of the fort and slighly out of range, deploy the rest of your army behind them preferably behind a hill/natural cover. Then start shooting and destroying with the arty one side of the fort making one or two openings next to each other. This takes some time and you must have patience or just skip forward but beware of flanking enemy cavalry as they will try to attack the artillery while your infantry is a bit back behind cover.

Move your line infantry and artillery very close on the OUTSIDE of the pieces you've blown away. Switch to canister shot and wait till the enemy starts coming out one by one. If they dont come out on their own move a small unit to the opening and start harassing them by firing a few shots in, then running away.

This has worked for me any time when I play level h/h, dont know if it will work vh/vh though.

By the way, don't worry about the arty being out of range, if you position them well, the shots hit and you don't get shot at by the enemy guns. DO NOT lose the artillery, they are crucial in this because of the canister shots later on. "

Made a quick paint for this:

And then:

My experience is the enemy will move off the walls and just stand in front of the opening and not shoot you from the other side which I left intact.

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