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Campaign Strategy Articles

This section is for strategies to employ on the campaign map in order to grow your empire, protect yourself from attack, make strategically important gains and eventually conquer the world.

General Strategy

Articles in this section are about campaign strategy in general, the principles of warfare and diplomacy.

Diplomacy explained
Learn how use the art of diplomacy to become the mightiest nation on earth in this article by readercolin
Trade and Taxes explained
Having trouble staying in the black? readercolin details the workings of the tax and trade systems so you can keep your treasury in the positive.
Viva la Revolution
Out Reach explains how to use revolution to your advantage in order to maximise your empire's efficiency.
Perfidy Play
Schwerpunkt covers the dark-sided tactics you can employ in the game.
Calculating the Cost: Commodities on Islands
webstral explains which commodities are more profitable and how to maximise return.
The Effects of Experience on Army Unit Statistics
Francis Marion tells the tale of his research and explains how experience affects your units.
Bayonets Explained
Francis Marion advises on the different types of bayonets and their respective effects.

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Faction Overviews

Articles in this section are detailed overviews of the factions in the game, exploring the initial position on the map, the buildings and units available and the strategic options available.

Sweden Campaign Overview
Gaius Colinius looks at Sweden who start the game in a somewhat "hemmed in" position but can build a mighty empire once they understand how best to untangle the web of alliances in Northern Europe.
Prussia Campaign Overview
Shadowdrummer46 has covered Prussia in exhaustive detail to help to get a start with a faction that is potentially one of Europe's powerhouses.
The Golden Fleece of Spain
Daelon describes how to get the most out of your Spanish campaign.
Go West, Young Man, Go West!: Ottoman Campaign Strategy for Western Expansion
Bastworshiper outlines a Western option for the Ottomans' expansion and provides helpful advice on how to proceed.

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Step-by-step Guides

Articles in this section are build orders and move orders for the opening turns of the campaign in order to achieve a specific starting position.

The United Provinces: Another Golden Age
Friesian gives us a turn-by-turn guide on how to re-establish your trade empire and dominate the seas as the United Provinces, setting them up for another Golden Age.
England Invaded: A French Strategy
Warguppy has provided a step-by-step guide for an early French invasion of Britain.
Blitzkrieg: Early Prussian Campaign Guide
Army Ranger has provided a walk through for the Prussians to knock out Poland swiftly.
Das Preußische Marine
An alternative build-up for Prussia focusing on building a navy by Schwerpunkt.

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Agents and their Uses

Articles in this section are about how to get the best out of your agents to make life as easy as possible for your armies.

Looks like a gentleman
Cauchpotato explains this new agent type making its first appearance in Empire: Total War.

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