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History Articles

If history is your thing, we have a wide variety of history articles concerning the factions, characters and general era covered by Empire: Total War. You may also wish to view our History Forum or the history sections for Rome: Total War or Medieval II: Total War.

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If you’re a modder and want to share your tips and tricks, then we’re looking for articles. If you want to find out how to modify the game to suit your tastes, then this is the place for you. You may also find our Modding Forum useful.

Strategy Articles

Are you having trouble with a certain aspect of the game? Have you found a brilliant solution to a problem that you’d like to share? Do you just like reading strategy articles? If any of the above are true, then this is the place for you – a compendium of strategy articles for you to enjoy. You may also wish to view our Battle Strategy Forum, our Naval Strategy Forum or our Campaign Strategy Forum