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HeavenGames is a rapidly growing company, so we always need new staff members. While the considerable cost of servers to support our 26 sites and millions of hits means we cannot pay many of our workers, HeavenGames does try to help its workers by providing:

  • Assistance in job/internship placement in the gaming industry.
  • Possible credit for those in university.
  • Personal websites (clouds) for all senior staff at no charge.
  • Possible access to game alphas/betas.

Work at HeavenGames is the perfect way to getting a job in gaming, an industry that is notoriously difficult to break into. But in addition to that, a HeavenGames job would give you great work experience with cutting-edge technology to be put on a resume for anything you would want to do and plug you into a community of hundreds of thousands of people. Finally, there are few opportunities where you can have your work viewed by millions of people; a HeavenGames job is one of them.

A full list of jobs available at Heavengames is available here.

The current staff positions available at Empire: Total War Heaven are:

Content Contributor & Moderator

Do you dream of ETW at night? If so, this may be the job for you. We're looking for someone with a thorough knowledge of Empire: Total War to join our team as a content contributor. Responsibilities will include writing strategy and modding articles for the site, as well as moderating the game forums. You will have to write new articles on a regular basis and be active on the forums. Previous knowledge in modding Empire: Total War is a big advantage. Knowledge of xhtml/css is also a plus, but a willingness to learn on the job is equally good.

Interested? Send your application to Hussarknight with the subject "Content Contributor & Moderator". It doesn't have to be a four-page essay, but a three-line application is unlikely to get you the job either.

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