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Empire: Total War Heaven » Forums » News Forum » New wings for Aftermath
Topic Subject:New wings for Aftermath
Seraph Emeritus
posted 01-24-11 04:27 AM EDT (US)         
Yellow and Blue make Green. This is a known fact, which Aftermath and his paint set simply proved with their little experiment. Then, using his magical wand to remove the Blue from Purple, he found it produced Red. This was also fun, and he doused himself with this divine color.

Now he discovered the beauty of yellow. Without thinking, he grabbed the pot to mix with Blue, but slipped. The yellow fell all over him, and mixed with the still wet Red covering him. This created orange, a wonderful and magical color, which soon took root. His two wings became six, and much larger. The magical paint infused him with new powers, and when he went to report this mystical transformation to HussarKnight, EoJ, and Terikel, he found them laughing and toting the Banhammer.

"Its about time you figured out how to do that," Hussarknight said proudly.

"Welcome to the Six-Wings Club," echoed Terikel and EoJ. "We are building a shiny new heaven for you as we speak."

Afty stood in shock.

"Total War: Shogun 2 needs a Seraph, and you were selected," Hussar explained.

"Why do you think I left the paint out?" Terikel added.

"And why I sent you there to play," added EoJ.

Afty saw now the deviousness of the Seraphs. He stepped forward and shook their proffered hands as the Seraphs welcomed and congratulated him. You too can welcome and congratulate the newest TWH Seraph in this thread.

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