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Topic Subject:About a mod
posted 07-31-10 01:23 PM EDT (US)         
hello i am in the market for experienced modders who would be up to the task of creating a Civil War mod. I know what your thinking... Holy **** a American civil war mod... 2 nations- Union States and Confederate states. Its much more then that. The nations will be - U.S., C.S., Great Britian, France, Spain, Canada, Mexico, 3 different Indian tribes( Cherokee, Apache, and havent figured on another yet), and possibly some smaller island nations... You will have the choice to play as US and CS at first, and when the campaign is completed you will be allowed to play also as Mexico, and Canada. There will be many units, example- The US and CS will consist of between 40-80 different units, with most of the other nations only 8-20. There will be alot of variety in both the units and the battle types. We also will tweak diplomacy a little and the techs, being that it is the late 1800's. the time period will be between 1858-1880(depending, we might make it last until 1890). Also, if possible, i would like to incorporate trains into the game, for such things as resupply and also maybe travel. So as you can see, it will not be a boring mod that we dont complete. It will be very indepth and will have high replay value.
If anyone thinks they are up to the task, please let me know...
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