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Topic Subject:Quick editing question
posted 07-04-10 07:17 PM EDT (US)         
What's up dudes,

Just started playing Empire TW and love it so far..(yea, i know, give it time..) but noticing few drawbacks that used to bother me in previous TWs where I use to edit few things in previous TW titles such as building costs and some unit costs to Mainly counter ai gang banging a player with stacks.

Well I gave it a good read about the forum and got the DBeditor, figured out the packs, looks like instead of previous games ease of edit we have to use another app..

I managed to edit building costs in patch.pack, managed to save it but then when trying to edit units in unit_tables, DB looks like it's saving then it comes back with an error:

object cannot be cast from DBNull to other types..

So any help would be great. I just wanna edit upkeep costs since that's what's a main drag
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