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Topic Subject:Replenish Cossacks post-revolution?
posted 02-23-13 01:07 PM EDT (US)         
Currently playing as the Russians. With Maratha having finished off the Ottomans, they were dominating the middle east and balkans. As detailed in my 'Selling off poor russian provinces' thread, I had sold off Don Voisko and Astrakhan and yup the Hindus had moved in there too.

So I'm allied to Austria (as is Poland and the Dutch) when Maratha declares war on Austria. Figuring this is my one chance to have an all-out war uniting all the monotheists vs the polytheists (and get my 40 provinces), I join in with Austria as does Poland & the Dutch.

It being around 1763 I was well industrialized and I also knew there was no way to defeat the Hindu hordes unless I could mobilize all my people together as one. Hence, a revolution leading to a republic.

Now, I understood that this would mean no longer being able to recruit Streltsky or Cossacks, and I was fine with that. I had noted in a previous game with a revolution to republicanism that I could also not replenish one such unit (though I don't recall the specific unit I was trying to replenish - possibly streltsky). Indeed, I got a message saying that to replenish that unit I had to be able to train such units & have sufficient funds (on reflection, maybe I didn't have the funds).

However, the game is letting me replenish Cossack infantry. I had a unit of Ataman Cavalry finishing its replenishment during the turn of revolution, and it was replenished.

So I'm not sure if this is a bug or if it's normal to be able to replenish Cossack infantry post-revolution. All my other monarchism-only russian units are at full strength so haven't been able to test that (though I probably should). Naturally, I want to conserve the Streltsky to maintain order in the provinces I hope soon to take.

If it's not a bug that would also change my strategy - I wouldn't merge such units, instead replenish each unit individually so as to preserve my Cossack force.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Edited to add: Did some tests, the game is allowing me to replenish Streltsky, Ataman Cavalry, Cossack Cavalry as well. Not sure what is happening.

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TWH Seraph
posted 02-23-13 01:54 PM EDT (US)     1 / 4       
Perhaps you lacked sufficient money the first time as you mentioned, after all replacing heavy losses is hardly cheap. As far as I remember, while you cannot recruit them anymore they should still be able to replenish their losses. That said, I do not often change government types so it has been a while since I last encountered such a situation, so apologies if I am incorrect. Either way, considering the game is unlikely to get patched it might as well be considered a feature even if it were possibly an oversight by Creative Assembly.

Sounds like you are going to have to leverage every advantage you can get against the bloodthirsty Marathas regardless .

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posted 02-23-13 02:14 PM EDT (US)     2 / 4       
I was trying to find a webpage (sadly didn't bookmark it) that showed which units each country could have under different government forms. I can't remember much about it except that it used codes like 'X' and 'E' and clarified that some units were lost after a conversion to republic (e.g. the Siemenovski foot guards) while others were retained but could no longer be built (e.g. cossacks and streltsky). For the latter the page also stated they couldn't be replenished.

I'll play out my game with a compromise: merge the survivors and replenish the short unit, like I always do. Seems fair :-)
TWH Seraph
posted 02-24-13 10:14 AM EDT (US)     3 / 4       
Also, it could be that the feature to replenish Monarchist unit types under a Republican government was patched in. Hard to tell without knowing when the unit database you saw was last updated, I know Honga's database has not been updated for Empire since patch v1.3 (now on v1.6).

If I get the time I might run a few tests and see whether this occurs regularly over many campaigns or if it's a lucky error.
posted 02-25-13 03:37 PM EDT (US)     4 / 4       
I can't recall ever not being able to replenish a unit even if I lost the ability to build that type of unit. I know I can still replenish my Austrian AmerInd melee infantry even though I have no buildings that can build them anymore.

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