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Topic Subject:Love those Germans
posted 12-30-12 06:47 PM EDT (US)         
Hey guys first post I must say this forum along with two enter have helped a ton with my empire experience iv played tw games going back to the first medieval but never mastered them and I'm graduating with a history degree in may so these games appeal to me immensely so I for kicks wanted just to post my first Prussian experience and anyone can give me tips suggestions

It's 1734 right now I've taken all of Germany plus alsace I've taken most of Austria although I'm good allies with Poland and they took Silesia and Hungary so I let them keep them for now it's funny I left Austria with Transylvania and they became protectorate of Knights of St John ha. I also took Sweden and Norway and left Sweden with only Finland because St Petersburg revolted. I'm in the process of building a navy to head to America because the pirates are still alive and when the dutch got destroyed the two Guyana territories became rebel settlements. France is gone and I have an uneasy peace with Spain and the Italian peninsula hates me but Europe is mostly under my influence. The one thing that has astonished me and also annoyed me is that GB has stayed out of all conflict with everyone besides Indians like they never have gotten into war with Spain or France I even gifted them Amsterdam and Flanders to maybe entice Spain into war but they never did idk how they've gotten away with it.
So that's it so far just wanted to say thanks to everyone's posts and articles they've helped me a ton ^_^
posted 01-02-13 09:21 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
Welcome to the forums Ezioaudi! Glad to see you seem to be doing well with Prussia. So England has managed to avoid European wars? That is interesting. I'm curious if the Maratha are pushing into Europe yet through the Middle East? In my games I have played it's rare that they don't take all of India and push up through into Europe so I'm curious if you have that happen too.

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