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Topic Subject:City Fort Repair Mysteries
posted 11-15-12 04:51 PM EDT (US)         
So as a Mac user I'm new to ETW though have played probably a few hundred hours since it came out for that platform. I'm also a TW veteran going back to the original Shogun. I've read in forums about the 'city fort repair bug' which claims that due to a bug breaches in walls last forever. I've read claims that city forts are repaired slowly, over time. There's also the idea that city forts are part of a 'ring of forts'.

Once as the Prussians I had Konigsberg assaulted three times during a single turn. The assaults punched holes in the walls yet each new assault featured a fully repaired and functional city fort. Maybe this is part of the 'ring of forts' idea; the forts were actually different forts and likely the enemies assaulted from different directions. Is that it?

Currently I'm playing as France and for a while Strasbourgh (in Alsace Lorraine) was getting regularly assaulted by the Westphalians and Wurtemburgers. They would often punch multiple holds in the walls yet a couple years later the city fort is as good as new. Contrast with other times and places where the holes last seemingly forever (and continue burning to boot).

Is it because Strasbourgh has a military government building? Is it because it has a large garrison including 2-4 infantry regiments? Does having a General present make a difference?

In short, is their a definitive post about how city fort repairs do or do not work? Thanks.
posted 11-20-12 02:01 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
I believe the mystery remains.

I cannot recall seeing any definitive post on the subject. My own experience is widely varied. I subscribe to the "repair-over-time" theory, but I suspect there are additional factors I have yet to identify.

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