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Empire: Total War - Naval Battles
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Topic Subject:Don't Give up the Ship!
posted 08-07-09 07:30 PM EDT (US)         
Hello all. I was playing last night and I had a brig in the Mediterranean that was making its way to blockade Austrian ports. I ended up in a battle with the Barbary pirates, fought and destroyed a galley. I followed up with an attack on another single galley nearby, lit it up with cannonfire and then drew in close to board the ship. Next thing I know, I see my sailors bailing out of the boat and combat ended... no explanation as to why my sailors abandoned a perfectly sea-worthy ship. Any ideas?

posted 08-08-09 00:22 AM EDT (US)     1 / 4       
The enemy could've used some grapeshot to kill a chunk of your men in one go - that's usually bad for morale...

Also - Did they have more men on their ship than you had on yours? Galleys are deceptively small, as they can carry a large crew.

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posted 08-08-09 08:01 AM EDT (US)     2 / 4       
Was there an exchange of gunfire before you moved in to board? Galleys are very low to the water, and a shot from one might have holed your ship low down, and whilst you were manoeuvering the hole might have been exposed to the water.

Since it was the Med I'm assuming it wasn't a rough sea. Were you doing some sharp turns?

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posted 08-09-09 11:07 AM EDT (US)     3 / 4       
The enemy ship barely even hit my brig with any shots, and I hadn't actually started boarding when my men bailed out of the ship. But yes, I was doing hard maneuvering while trying to come alongside to board. I'm not entirely sure what happened, perhaps they rammed it as I was crossing in front of the ship. Thanks for the ideas!
posted 08-30-09 02:59 AM EDT (US)     4 / 4       
Well this has happened to me once. I had an admirals flagship (5th rate) and i went up against a galley. i drew up along side it and pummeled it into the sea till it exploded. a tiny fire caught on my deck and all the crew started to bail. The ship looked perfectly fine and if the battle had continued then maybe I could anchor and put out the fire.

Maybe they just do that if the ships on fire and the battle has ended leaving no time to put it out. Who knows?
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