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Empire: Total War - Land Battle Discussion
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Topic Subject:A useful army
Awesome Eagle
Spear of Mars
(id: awesomated88)
posted 12-03-12 04:38 PM EDT (US)         
In my Italian States Campaign, early i built up a powerful army consisting of a General, 9 units of European Line infantry, 5 Regiments of Horse and 5 batteries of 12pounders. Right now it is useful against weaker enemies but i will be going up against Spain and France soon enough. What is your favorite army to use in major wars?

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posted 12-04-12 06:01 PM EDT (US)     1 / 4       
A general, 1 or 2 Demi-cannons, 6-8 line infantry, 1 or 2 cavalry (doesn't really matter which; I use them for going after enemy artillery near the battle's end) and 2 light infantry if available.

I always try to fight defensive battles which is why I prefer teh fixed demi-cannons.

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posted 01-17-13 11:36 PM EDT (US)     2 / 4       
Very seldom have I been in a position to create an “ideal” army. Usually, I have to make do with what is available. Still, I do tend to follow a formula. In a 20-unit army, I try to have 10 infantry units, 6 cavalry units, and 4 artillery units. I try to have 8 line infantry units and 2 skirmisher units. Obviously, I have to have skirmishers of some sort available. I count the general among my cavalry for obvious reasons. I like to have three units of shock cavalry, among which I count regiments of horse and lancers, along with two units of skirmisher/pursuit cavalry, among which I count light colonial horse, mounted tribal auxiliary, and East India Company Cavalry. I try to have four units of artillery. I prefer 12-pounder foot batteries for most purposes, but I’ll use whatever is available.

The musket is for fixing and softening the enemy. The bayonet is for destroying him.
Francis Marion
posted 02-06-13 07:43 AM EDT (US)     3 / 4       
I fight almost all of my battles defensively, even when using an army for offensive purposes. Thus, my favorite army consists of the following:

1 General
7 Line Infantry
6 Demi-Cannons
4 Ranged or Light Cavalry (Light Dragoons, preferably)
2 Heavy Cavalry (Regiments of Horse)

Ranged Cavalry (Mounted Tribal Auxiliary, Cossacks, Light Dragoons) are perfect for chasing and shooting down remnants of routing enemy cavalry units which would otherwise escape the battle and cause me much wasted movement on the campaign map in order to destroy. They are also perfect for harassing enemy lines which are hesitant to close on my defensive position. As an added bonus, once Light Dragoons are available and included in my armies, they make quelling unhappiness in recently conquered large cities much easier. The Heavy Cavalry I have on hand to protect my flanks and to take on, if necessary, enemy cavalry units attempting to flank my position. This allows me to keep my Line Infantry in place to engage the main line of the enemy. The Demi-Cannons make short work of most enemy cavalry units before they can attempt to flank my line or make a charge on my artillery, and the combination of volleys of canister from the Demi-Cannons along with the musket fire of my Line Infantry always proves to be a deadly combination on the main enemy line.
posted 02-06-13 02:02 PM EDT (US)     4 / 4       
I appreciate the power of the demi-cannon in general and the fourth gun per battery in particular. However, I’ve found myself on the defensive with abominable fields of fire just often enough to prefer the less powerful but movable 12-pounder batteries. While the overwhelming majority of the effect of cannonade against opposing infantry comes from canister, I find that long-range fire against the enemy’s cavalry is a must. Two or three batteries firing on an enemy cavalry unit and scoring hits in the same volley can break and rout that unit. While it sucks that these cavalrymen typically get away and have to be chased down later, I’m more concerned with winning a good victory than winning a perfect victory. Early routing is also very hard on the enemy’s morale. The benefit of taking the offensive is that the enemy can be goaded into holding his position, thereby making his cavalry vulnerable to my artillery once I move my guns into position.

The musket is for fixing and softening the enemy. The bayonet is for destroying him.
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