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Empire: Total War - Land Battle Discussion
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Topic Subject:Typical Army Formation (With Picture!)
Scenario Reviewer
posted 06-30-10 12:53 PM EDT (US)         

Everyone deploys and moves in a certain way that befits the strategy they intend. I was wondering if you lovely folk could provide feedback towards my particular setup. It consists of up to fifteen units, the standard size of an army obtained on a campaigning globetrot. As the numbers can fluctuate, I keep the army composed of fractions, with three-fifths of it belonging to line infantry, one-fifth belonging to cavalry or dragoons, and another one-fifth dedicated to light infantry and artillery.

*strategy applies to human players as well as AI*

My first unit of light infantry provides screening and tempt cavalry into pursuing them into musketfire as they retreat behind the line unit leading on the left of the column. I keep the standard four-man row of line infantry as if it were a pike formation and keep the regiments tightly packed. A single unit on the left though leads the pack to force a potential hook when engaging other line. Opposition infantry will typically end up having to turn one of their regiments towards the leading unit and force themselves into an obtuse triangle.

I then have any other troops work around the enemy and support the row. Artillery hugs the right of the line and mainly supports the flanks by prioritizing enemy cavalry. The melee cavalry will typically either look for a lonely general unattended or a battery position and cause disruption in the back, ultimately drawing enemy cavalry and infantry away from the frontlines to stop them. Dragoons do the same but usually in conjunction with melee cavalry or flanking support. I do a special thing with my general and simply have him patrol endlessly from the left to the right flank (via shift) somewhat far behind line infantry, enough to keep morale and make it a little harder to focus fire on the commander.

I reserve two units of infantry or grenadiers behind the row and they do a fine job of attacking blind spots or plugging holes punched by enemy melee, typically cavalry or Marathan swordsmen. When the enemy is broken, dragoons and light infantry typically mop up the runners once enemy artillery and cavalry are dead.

Feedback to my strategy and my setup would be appreciated, good and bad.

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posted 06-30-10 06:39 PM EDT (US)     1 / 5       
So I am just giving my personal intake on this strategy. You have a pretty good strategy especially with the light infantry to screen your army but I am mainly focus on the negative. Please dont get offended if I critisize it too much. Also, AI's are really dumb so I am going to pretend your opponents is somewhat intellegent:

1. I couldn't help but notice that you place all your arty on the right. This allows for a higher concentration of fire on the enemy left flank but should the enemy decide to attack down your left, you will either have to re-locate your arty or aim it down to the side but that means less range.

2. If the enemy has a large contingent of light infantry they can use guerilla tactics on you disrupting your lines and inevitably causing a rout.

3. You only have two regiments of cavalry which makes an opportunity for your foe. I normally bring 4 squads of cav as it is most effective. If you opponents has more cav than you, they can distract your two units and use the other cav they have to disrupt your lines from the rear and flank.

4. You said that you put your lines into thick concentrations. I highly do not recommend this as it makes enemy arty more deadly. Using column tactics in mass destroys the whole purpose of it as it is supposed to make less of a chance for arty to hit.
Also, with your troops in concentration, the enemy can flank you. So i suggest spread your troops into 3 rows and keep 3-4 line units in reserve.

5. I suggest you keep some light infantry on your flanks as to deter enemy flanking. Dragoons work too. If the enemy has enough cav, they can easliy come crashing down your flank.

Overall this is a great strategy. These just some points I thought of. All people's strategies differ so dont take this too seriosly. Hope this helped.

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posted 08-26-10 04:06 PM EDT (US)     2 / 5       
I use a very simple strategy. I place my artillery in front of my army and has about two lines of infantry flanking it on both sides. The enemy AI moves up to my line to attack it. On VH sometimes the lines try to flank me. I canister shot them and they rout. My cavalry chases them down. If the enemy has unprotected artillery, I usually use my cavalry to flank and destroy them. Dragoons are usually used just like cavalry in melee. This may not work very well with humans but the ai is not very smart even on VH and I have as of yet to lose a single battle with this strategy.
posted 08-26-10 11:31 PM EDT (US)     3 / 5       
i dont like to use cav to attack arty because i feel it is a waste of manpower because arty to me is very weak.

Unless it is a lot of arty like 3 or 4 units unprotected, i feel it is a better use of cav to hammer and anvil and flank

All Empires Crumble; there are no exceptions

Rise -> Zenith -> War -> Chaos -> Nothing
Monarchy -> Republic -> Empire -> Downfall -> Enlightenment
posted 08-30-10 02:50 PM EDT (US)     4 / 5       
Standard army for me consist of the following:
1 general = gen
4 light dragoons = D
9 line infantry = / \ and _ depending on what direction they're facing
2 cannons
3 howitzers

And I deploy them like this:


The angels of the central line infantry protecting the cannons is much lower though.

Basically the idea is to remove all options from the enemy except for rushing into the deathtrap that my line is.

If they sit still, my cannons will take out their cavalry very effectively with round shot (swap to shrapnel when it becomes available) while the howitzers focus on infantry with explosive rounds (percussive rounds when the tech has been researched). If there's any artillery, I'll have my light dragoons try to take it out if they can.

If they send anything to try flanking me, my howitzers will focus primarily on that, and if anything survives that, I set my light dragoons to fire at will and melee and then charge, they'll fire a volley before starting the melee which combined with the casualties already taken from howitzers and the initial losses from the charge will quickly start a rout. If neccecery, the second dragoon unit on the relevant flank will circle around and charge from the rear.

If they do what I want and attack the line, they're walking into a death trap. The units are angled in such a way that nomatter where they attack (except for the flanks), atleast 2 units of line infantry and 1 unit of cannons will be able to shoot back, and any unit under fire by canister shot combined with 2 line infantry units firing by rank will rout very quickly, often before they even get the chance to line up properly to start shooting back. The flanks lack the double infantry and cannon cover, but as above, any hostiles aproaching there will be targeted by the howitzers, and once they try to engage the line infantry unit protecting that flank the dragoons will ride up and start firing from horseback aswell.

Once the rout starts, the light dragoons are extremely effective at chasing routers, having the speed of light cavalry, decent melee stats and the ability to fire a carbine volley from time to time, especially useful for chasing other light cav where your own cav would normally keep up with them without ever making real contact at best, or at worst falling behind, but for the light dragoons barely keeping up is good enough since they can shoot from there.

Dark as Silver
posted 09-18-10 11:55 AM EDT (US)     5 / 5       
@ BurningSushi If I were fighting you I'd flank (towards the cannons cos they can't return fire effectively) and use fire and retreat tactics once I have killed your crews, 2-4 light inf are not enough against a decent opponent, especially when you're including artillery in that.
@ Steace How quickly can you turn your army round if some one tries to flank you?

While I'm sure both of these are excellent against the ai you're builds and the fact both of these are pretty stationary builds mean they wouldn't work on-line.
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