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Empire: Total War - Land Battle Discussion
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Topic Subject:Your most heroic battle?
posted 03-07-10 10:33 PM EDT (US)         
Curiousity has lead me to create this post. What was the most heroic stand your men have ever displayed? Whether win or loss, doesn't matter.


I was playing as Saxony, and Prussia batters my city. I had 2 lines of infantry and about 4 units of armed citizens. I sucessfully held off the initial Prussian attack, and sustained a large hole in my wall due to artillery.

2 turns later, Prussia returns with a massive army, a stack to be exact, and alot of it being cavalry. Luckily, I was able to deploy defences, and set up spikes and entrechments at my breached area of the wall. My men fought relentlessly against the might of King Frederick, and it was down to about 30 soldiers in my standard line infantry, in melee combat in square formation, picking at anyone who dares have a go at them. Despite their best efforts, they fell in combat, but died as heroes.

The results of the second battle:

I started with 320 men and ended with none.

Prussia brought about 1200 men and occupied Saxony with about 500, losing more than half their army to the brave citizen soldiers of Saxony.

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posted 03-08-10 03:15 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
Having taken Mysore (It's no mean feat in Vanilla, then add on Darthmod on top of it), my Indian army made up of East India Company troops (fire by rank, yum), a few Sepoy regiments, and the 5th Bedfordshire Fusiliers' first battalion and the 6th Anglian Grenediers (single battalion regiment) and a foot artillery regiment marched on the Indian's capital itself after years of first fighting the French, then Matharattas to get the east coast of India. However, I got smashed by two rather large armies- and I do mean large, as those indian infantrymen are 500 men each- just south of my goal.

I drew up in line, as usual, but they advanced so I had to redeploy, and then they started the musket duel while I was shuffling. To make matters worse, they had a much wider frontage and the left flank, and I was dependant on grape shot to keep the buggers at bay. However, they charged through regardless, and the 6th, my cavalry (including the general) and the artillery perished holding off a strong attack that was threatening engulf the line completely while the 5th and a few east india men and a sepoy regiment fought their way out of the massacare. In the end, the 500-men regiments were too much, and I ended up with about 400 men left.

To give a sense of perspective, in Darthmod the line infantry regiment's size is 300 men. I'd been well and truly buggered, both in battle and on the campaign map I had to retreat to Alcot, hold off a few desperate sieges there (God knows how), and it's only just now I am able to even think about entering Mysore, under Orange Horde control ever since that battle.

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posted 03-08-10 09:34 PM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
I was playing as France, had conquered Vienna.

Poland had declared war with me (both of us are huge and massive by now) and sends 4 stacks against my 1 stack in Vienna

I won with about a 70% casualtie rate to the enemies 99% destruction. All my units were down to maybe 12 guys each.

It was epic.

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posted 03-23-10 01:38 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
Playing as Iroquois in Warpath campaign.

American army comes marching to my capital in the Algonquin territory and my army is about half their size.

Halfway through the battle, my army begins a full rout and I think I've lost, but then I realize one of my units is still hiding in a forest and is not running yet.

Figuring the battle is over at this point, I take the remaining bowmen and open fire on the colonists. About a minute later I realize my army has stopped routing and is back under my control. Using my lancers and bowmen to full effect, I use about 2 hours to finish off the American army, which is 3 times my size at this point. It was seriously epic. I couldn't believe I won, even after my army returned from routing.

The fact that I had fewer soldiers, worse soldiers, and 90% of my army was running away at one point makes it my most heroic battle to date.
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