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Empire: Total War - Land Battle Discussion
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Topic Subject:Standard Army
posted 12-22-09 02:09 PM EDT (US)         
You guys use a standard army?

i have:

1 general
8-9 line
4 cav
3 skirms
3-4 horse arty

i like to play as france so i get 1 general, 2 curassire, and 2 ulong, 8 line infantry, 4 arty, and 3 light infantry or tiralours (do not know how to spell it)

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posted 12-22-09 03:14 PM EDT (US)     1 / 30       
I don't really have a standard army and as infantry techs are researched, i.e., fire by rank, etc. and the artillery gets better, I lean more toward a heavier mix of artillery and infantry.

I like to have a couple of grenadiers, six to eight line infantry, a couple of rifle armed skirmish units and a good mix of cannon and mortars. The mortars I like especially once I can get a couple of chevrons of experience because I can deploy them behind the line. The cannon, at least until I develop shrapnel, I like to use as the enemy closes, or to batter buildings the enemy shelters in.

Cav, if I use it at all, are usually elite units too good to pass on. They just die in droves and I'd rather have another unit of line infantry.
posted 12-22-09 03:56 PM EDT (US)     2 / 30       
I'm mostly playing the APE:TI mod, which means finances tend to be tighter and armies fewer. Because of this, armies tend to be a more organic mixture of old and new units; each stack tends to feel a little different in battle due to the different range of technologies and units.

A model army, if I'm trying to raise one from entirely fresh recruits, would be centered around the latest artillery available, usually howitzers. I'd take five or six artillery batteries, nine or so line infantry and fill out the rest of the stack with assorted heavy cavalry or mounted skirmishers.
posted 12-22-09 07:30 PM EDT (US)     3 / 30       
7 line infantry
3 light infantry
4 artillery
1 general
5 cavalry

I use the light infantry to scout out the enemies approach, while the line infantry advances in good order. With on unit of cav. right next to the general, and the units of artillery firing away, I send my unts of cac. in groups of two off to either side, and keep them a little ahead of my advance, of to the side. When my line infantry has been skirmishing for a bit, I send one of the cav. units on both sides to attack the general, just to keep him occupied. The two others attack the line infantry of the enemy, whilst my units engage in a dramatic charge. Then my general and his escort attack with a charge after my line infantry have been engaged for a bit. Then my cannons open fire on the mass of cavalry that is the enemies general and my troops. If you time it right, my units will have retreated to have missed the full blow of the hammerhead, which will be taken by the enemy general.

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posted 12-23-09 02:06 AM EDT (US)     4 / 30       
6 Line Infantry
1 General
2 Horse Cannons
3 Light Cavalry
4 Grenadiers
2 Light Dragoons
2 Light infantry

I only use a small amount of line infantry due to I don't need thousands of men, i need my army to be fast and maneuverable.Grenadiers can be used as melee troops or assault infantry but can also hold the line making them important. I personally don't like artillery due to it being slow but you have to have it if you run into one of those annoying city maps.Light cavalry are for executing routers,Light dragoons are used for drive bys on enemy artillery positions.

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posted 12-23-09 03:01 PM EDT (US)     5 / 30       
I got difernt army upsets fot every continent. But i build almost evey up with:

1 general
8-10 line inf
1-3 cavalery probally light
rest is different, but 4 altillery of any sort will do me just fine.

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posted 12-23-09 04:49 PM EDT (US)     6 / 30       
1 General
2 Hussars/Light Dragoons
2 Heavy Cavalry
1 Howitzer
3 Horse Artillery
6 Line Infantry
4 Riflemen
1 Grenadier/Meat Shield (Militia)
posted 12-23-09 11:23 PM EDT (US)     7 / 30       
20 line infantry
posted 12-24-09 01:24 AM EDT (US)     8 / 30       
1 general
6 line infantry (main army has guard infantry)
4 skirmishers (main army has rifles)
4 heavy cavalry (main army has guard cavalry)
3 artillery
2 howitzer

This changes depending on what faction I play. with Prussia I don't have any howitzers and 5 line infantry and I add 3 frei-korps.

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posted 12-25-09 00:33 AM EDT (US)     9 / 30       
I rarely have a standard army. It's usually whatever I happen to build at that moment.

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posted 12-25-09 01:05 AM EDT (US)     10 / 30       
i have developed different "standard" armies that i use in certian areas, but here is my latest one for use as france in the low countries"

4 line infantry
2 elite line inf
4 light inf
4 chasseurs a cheval
4 artillery (howitzers)
1 mortar
1 general

i deploy my line inf in a spaced out coulum two regiments across and 3 deep, my elites being in front. my light inf i deply to the sides of the coulumn in thick, deep ranks, one behind the other on each side. my cav i deploy the same way, outside of the light inf. my mortar is in back with gen softening up enemy for assault, while my howitzers are in front of the column firing away before the inf makes its advance. i generally like to advance my entire army at once, with the object being to drive straight through with my line inf (ala waterloo esque), with my other troops covering the vulnerable flanks while they advance.

edit: does anyone have a good standard army for use against the natives? im thinking a lot of skirmishers and missile cav, but does anyone know if it works?

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Gaius Colinius
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posted 12-26-09 07:00 AM EDT (US)     11 / 30       
20 line infantry
Having come across a few AI line infantry spam full-stacks, they are remarkably difficult to beat.

Moved to land battle forum btw.

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posted 12-26-09 02:23 PM EDT (US)     12 / 30       
but if your opponent has arty and skirms than only line will get totally wasted
posted 12-27-09 03:55 AM EDT (US)     13 / 30       
A rounded force:
6Line Inf.
1Dahomey Amazons (every army needs its wives!)
posted 05-20-10 01:04 AM EDT (US)     14 / 30       
this is truly dependent on how much money youve got, who your up against, and wha tech stage your at.

early in any campaign my ideal army is
1 general
at least 4 line -maximum of 10
2-3 arty, doesnt matter what type
2 cav

i only use the cav to chase down retreating units, my entire startergy reveloves around the use of line infantry to neutralise the enemy cav and inf, while my arty tries(!!!) to kill there arty. As the game goes on, i may add some elites, although having to use platoon fire is a massive disencentive for me. Add some skirmishes onto that to counter theres, and usually i would be syaing gg .
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posted 05-21-10 06:52 PM EDT (US)     15 / 30       

I normally use a force of:

1 General
9 Line Infantry
5 Dragoons( for public order)
5 12pounder Horse Artillery

But a little later i still use the same format but differen units

1 General
5 Line Infantry or Guards
4 Grenadeirs
2 12pounder Horse artillery
2 Mortors
1 Pickle Gun
5 Guards


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Dark as Silver
posted 05-22-10 01:35 AM EDT (US)     16 / 30       
My army varies with diffrent battles and whether I'm experimenting with things. However it usually has 2 cav(I'm not a huge fan of them), 3-2 art, 8 skirmishers and 6-7 line and elite inf.
posted 05-23-10 11:25 AM EDT (US)     17 / 30       
My standard colonial army is such:

1 general
2 horse arty or 24 pnder
4 dragoons
8 line (some might be special like hessian line if i play as GB)
4 skirms (most likely first nations irregulars) (might include rogers rangers)
1 grenedier (hessian grenedier

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posted 05-23-10 01:56 PM EDT (US)     18 / 30       
1 general
10 line infantry
4 foot cannon of any calibre
3 dragoons (so policing makes conquering just that easier)
2 light infantry/cazadores (to cover flanks)

I typically have cavalry such as uhlans and standard regiment horses but I have been finding their inability to sustain themselves rather poor, as to which only heavy ponies like cuirassiers tend to add themselves to my flock for shock impact. Fire by rank usually mops up any army. A while back though, this force did seem to have some degree of trouble when I realized the Persian on the hill had 15 howitzers with Qizilbashi on the front line, needless to say my army got hit harder than Chris Brown hit Rhianna.

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posted 06-19-10 04:59 PM EDT (US)     19 / 30       
1 General
4 Howitzers/12 Pounders/Other (depending on Availability)
5 Regiments of Horse/Other Average Cavalry
2 Puckle Guns
4 Skirmishers
4 Line Infantry

In Custom Battles I tend to spend remaining cash on experience for the Cavalry, bringing them to the same level as high-quality Cavalry.
posted 06-19-10 05:24 PM EDT (US)     20 / 30       
I have acually created a new kind of army (for me anyway):

1 caribeener (with general)
1 6 pndr horse arty
3 line
1 elite skirm

I personally dub these as my "panzer divisions)

I use these small armies to:

wipe out rebels while leaving the main army in the capital
wipe out remaining enemy armies that have been depleted
capture undefended towns
and raiding

All Empires Crumble; there are no exceptions

Rise -> Zenith -> War -> Chaos -> Nothing
Monarchy -> Republic -> Empire -> Downfall -> Enlightenment
posted 07-01-10 00:55 AM EDT (US)     21 / 30       
Hey NinjXPk, I am trying to conquer all of India as Sweden, and I am having trouble with it. I haven't even gotten past Afghanistan with one of the two armies in India. So, I will start using your panzer division idea for use to attack faster, capture undefended regions, and anti-rebellion uses.

My Panzer Divisions are a bit different than yours, but it is based on your brilliant (in my opinion) concept.

My 1st Panzer Division consists of...

- One General (Odd Kindahl, yeah, that's his name, 1st Panzer Division)

- 3 Line Infantry (35th Foot, 36th Foot, and the 37th Foot, all 4th Infanteri - that's in Swedish - Division)

- 1 Grenadier (the 4th Grenadier, 1st Infanteri)

- One 6-ib horse artillery (I don't name my arty's)

- And two Light Dragoons (probably 6th Light Dragoons, 1st Cavalry, I think. I'm not sure)

Hope they'll turn out well. Thanks.


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Dark as Silver
posted 07-03-10 06:52 AM EDT (US)     22 / 30       
Mine always varies between factions, tech stages and multiplayer and campaign. typicaly however I have 4 cav 8 light 2 art and 6 line and elite.
posted 07-29-10 02:44 PM EDT (US)     23 / 30       
Percentages my son, percentages.

10% - 20% Indirect Fire
20% - 30% Horse
60% - 70% Foot

2 to 4 Cannon/Mortar: Missions; counterfire/fighting position destruction/engage horse then infantry in that order.

4 to 6 Mounted: Missions; Flank/rear attacks against artillery, infantry or cavalry. Artillery security. Pursuit operations. Desperate charges as deemed necessary.

12 to 14 Line Infantry: Missions; Close with and destroy the enemy's will to fight. Artillery security.

Combined arms, in-game generals are optional but not required. I am the General.
posted 07-30-10 01:09 AM EDT (US)     24 / 30       
Every Euro army I make is similar. 1 gen, 10 liners, 3 12 lbers, 3 howitzers, and 3 light cav.

I hit the enemy front line or strategic units with howitzers, direct fire the 12 lbers and change to canister shot if the enemy gets close enough. I then mug and overwhelm the enemy with the liners; make a large battleline with some reserve liners that I can move where needed. If I'm engaging a large cavalry force, I use square formation which tears apart the cav.

The light cavalry units are my flexible force. I use them for flanking or running down routers, mugging the enemy general, flanking and attacking a wavering enemy battleline, or hitting the enemy artillery.

I've always been an infantry general, ever since Rome

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posted 01-17-11 05:32 PM EDT (US)     25 / 30       
My armies seem typical of everybody else's.

1 General
9 Line infantry (or 6 guards and 3 line)
4 12-24lb cannon
2 12-24lb howitzers
4 light infantry or rifles, sometimes grenadiers or hand mortars.

It suits my style of being strategically offensive but tactically defensive.
I'm not much of a cavalry man, it's too easy to lose them in any function that's not chasing down routers. Plus, skirmishers can guard the flanks, attack isolated artillery and do assassination just as well as cavalry. Especially if they can remain hidden while walking.

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posted 01-18-11 06:25 PM EDT (US)     26 / 30       
I don't really have a standard army, but I try to always have at least 4-6 line infantry (or militia in early battles), so I can form a line of battle.

Like Ecthelion, I prefer to goad the enemy into attacking me, so they spend the maximum time possible being pounded by artillery and then they have to confront an unbroken line of infantry.

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posted 01-20-11 07:13 PM EDT (US)     27 / 30       
I go with all the line infantry, conscripts and grenadiers I can lay my interminally broke hands on, with a general, and about 2 cavalry and artillery units each. 15 line units that tend to fire a handful of valleys, then charge and overwhelm a flank. Cannon are fairly useless, and cavalry largely for helping in melee. I keep both just in case I ever work out how to use them.

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posted 01-20-11 11:26 PM EDT (US)     28 / 30       
The same as Ecthelion and Pitt. I just scrape together whatever happens to be in the area and go for it. That said, I do tend to use 6-10 line infantry, at the least, for the main army. Supporting this are 2-4 artillery, me being partial to howitzers for the early explosives. I have 2-4 cavalry, always at least one general, and 2-3 dragoons for flanking. I sometimes use caribeeners for killing cavalry.

VC, on your cannon troubles, do you use the round shot against infantry facing you? If so, that's the problem. Aim the cannons at enemy cavalry when outside of canister range and aim at the infantry only once they get within canister range.

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posted 04-04-11 05:34 PM EDT (US)     29 / 30       
my standard unit is...
2 line inf
1 regi of horse or dragoon
1 cannon (any type)

5 of these toghether makes 1 stack and if you want you can add 1 light inf in. In the early game its nice to be able to defend large amounts of territory with these individual armies as they can come to toghether easily at any one point on the campaign map.

its also very easy to modify these units. my garrison version is...
1 saker
2 militia
1 Provincial Cav(or any other bad cav unit)

this makes it very easy to defend, reinforce, and move armies across the campaign map. However, this becomes an issue in the late game because of the large number of stacks that are produced. So then you start to combine these units into groups of 3-5 so you have a sufficient force anywhere on the map.
posted 04-17-11 05:04 PM EDT (US)     30 / 30       
I saw your idea with ''Panzer Divisions'' NinjXPk, and immediately started experimenting with an own version
I've used them with great success, when conquering a vast amounts of territories, where it's been impossible for the enemy to properly defend them all. Like when conquering Russia as Prussia.

Mine usually looks like this, but it depends on what's available:

1 Horse Artillery
1 Heavy Cavalry
1 Light Dragoons
1 Skirmishers/Light Infantry
1 Line Infantry
1 Grenadiers/Line Infantry

These are larger and are actually being able to take not only small cities, but also large ones with a little bit of luck. In my Prussian campaign I surprisingly took Moscow, defended by 4 lines, 2 artillery + a lot of armed citizen, with two of these divisions. One was just scouting the area, and the other was raiding in Ukraine, so I just forced them together and easily occupied Moscow

+ Larger, and can cause an enemy army huge losses.
+ Pretty all-round.
+ By combining three of these divisions, gives you an full stack army that can take care of the most, if assisted by some extra Line Infantry.
- Not very many line units in the divisions, so they are quite vulnerable to melee fights.
- Harder to replace than smaller ones, but it's still easier than to replace an whole army

Sorry for my bad English.
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