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Topic Subject:First Faction Feature: Chosokabe
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posted 12-16-10 09:03 PM EDT (US)         
Creative Assembly have posted what we assume to be the first of many faction features for the upcoming Shogun 2.

This first one deals with the Chosokabe, who - according to the CA Blog were phenomenal farmers which boosts their income and also specialise in archery.

The faction logo of the Chosokabe clan.

It also sounds like they might have a slighty more difficult few opening turns based on what we're told about the politics and geography of their starting location;
Now they have to make an interesting strategic decision: deal with their immediate enemies in Iyo, crush the Ichijo clan at home in Tosa, or attack the Miyoshi clan of Awa province. This last might seem like madness, but Awa is blessed with plentiful warhorses, a valuable resource for anyone planning to expand their clan army. The other nearby resource that will be incredibly useful is the good building stone in Sanuki to the north east. Once these immediate opportunities and problems are resolved, then who is to say the next shogun will not be a Chosokabe lord?
Think you will lead the Chosokabe Daimyo to rule Japan as the Shogun? Discuss this new faction in our dedicated Shogun 2 forum here.

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