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Topic Subject:Forums 2.4 update
Seraph Emeritus
posted 12-10-09 09:10 AM EDT (US)         
We have updated the forums to 2.4. This was a huge update with 70 changes---new features and bug fixes---made to the forums. Some of the changes will affect how you post, so please read carefully.

Changes to embedding video
When embedding video, the video URLs must be surrounded by ... tags. This was done to fix problems with wrapping them inside other BBCode tags. This change will also serve as the foundation for customizing the embedded video (such as video size, high def, etc.) in future releases.

Lastly, we now support embedding videos from gametrailers.com. To embed videos, copy the URL of the video from the browser's address bar and put it inside the video tag, like so:


Big changes to including source code in your posts
[htmlon]...[htmloff], [ubbon]...[ubboff], [emcode]...[/emcode] are all removed, and in their place is the [code]...[/code] tag. In addition, URLs, emoticons, videos, and HTML—including forbidden ones like javascripts and inline CSS—are preserved.

Other notable miscellaneous changes

  • Smilies no longer wreck URLs and such
  • The URL detector has gone through a major overhaul
  • A "Show all replies" link has been added to the post reply form which will open the thread in a new window
  • BBCode assistant toolbar is now enabled by default for browsers that have Javascript Enabled
  • Wayward spaces no longer inserted into URLs, HTML Entities, etc.
  • Large images will effect the appearance of scroll bars around the post it was embedded in
  • The << character sequence no longer disappears after posting
  • A "center signature" option have been added
  • Block-level tags such as center and indent are no longer supported in signatures; they were used to get around the fact that sigs should not be more than six lines.
  • Cancel button on login form no longer redirects to a page that doesn't exist
  • Thanks (in no particular order) to Papaya, Luke Gevearts, Shelper, Pecunia, Silk,

Kester, Elpea, BP, Pellaeon, HussarKnight, Alexastor, and Sith for their help.

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