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Viva la Revolution: A guide to changing government type

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The Dutch flag.

In Empire: Total War there are 3 types of government Absolute monarchy, Constitutional Monarchy and Republic. They are a sliding scale of public freedoms, and military control.

As an empire stretches across the map, Absolute monarchies will have a hard time keeping control of territory without providing a garrison in every town, however this provides greater military flexibility with a back up force all over the map. Meanwhile a republic can keeps its people happy just by having an election every few years.

The Spanish flag.

A constitutional monarchy provides a strange middle ground; you still have a noble class, yet also a middle class. How to change to specific government types

Monarchies and republics act as opposites. First pick which you want. If you want a republic you need to upset your lower class, meanwhile if you want a Monarchy you must upset your upper class. If you are already a monarch but wish to be the alternative type of monarch (constitutional/absolute) you need to upset the upper class to make the switch. It is important to remember you may need to have 2 revolutions to switch from republic to the right type of monarchy you want.

How to have a safe revolution

The French flag.

To have a revolution one of your social groups needs to have negative happiness in your capital territory for 3 turns. First of all increase the tax rate for social group you want to rebel. Decrease or leave the tax rate for the other group. You don’t want them to change the way the revolution goes.

Next give tax exemptions to every other territory in the theatre. This means apart from tax the rest of your empire can continue as normal while you change government.

Next you want to remove all armed forces from the territory. Send them to nearby territories or disband them. Just remember that any army in the territory when you have the revolution will try and stop you. Also by removing the town watch happiness should fall further.

Next deconstruct any churches/Inns/Opera House in the territory and capital city. These happiness buildings will not help.

The flag of the Ottaman Empire.

If you still don’t have negative happiness builds schools in all the old church/inn spots to create hot beds of revolution!

If you still, after this point have happy people, you will have to destroy your capital building.

Once you have completed these steps you must wait 3 turns for the revolution to begin.

After the first turn your workers will go on strike. After the second there will be a riot. On the Third the revolution army will arrive! Choose to side with them, and the revolution can begin.

At this point you just need to march on the capital and take it. As long as you removed all armies from the territory before now this should be a winnable fight. Note however that if you lose this battle you will also lose your campaign.

The Swedish flag.

Once the revolution is over, lower taxes back to normal levels and remove the tax exemptions from your other territories.

Other notes

The Russian flag.

All playable civilisations except America have two flags, a Monarchy flag and a Republic flag. If you switch over this government type difference, you nation will assume the other flag.

Only the Dutch start with a republic, and thus the republic flag. However they have an alternative monarchy flag. All other playable nations start with the Monarchy flag.

The default flag for each civilisation can be found at the campaign start screen.

The British flag.

The Prussian flag.

The flag of Poland-Lithuania.

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