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Blitzkrieg: Early Prussian Campaign Guide

By Army Ranger

Prussia's earliest problem is Poland, separating your land and acting particularly rude to any kind of diplomatic proposal. Poland should not be underestimated; it’s allied with Denmark and Russia and will eventually overpower you in a long war. The only solution is taking it out quickly.

Turn 1

  • Move your Gentleman to the Magdeburg College
  • Start research on ring bayonets (this will be ready when you invade)
  • Acquire trade agreements (up to you what countries as long as it’s not Poland)
  • Train 4 line infantry in Berlin
  • Train 3 line infantry in East Prussia

Feel free to construct any buildings or research a different tech, but note that canister shot will not help because the plan will be over before the buildings are constructed

Turn 2

  • Recruit 4 line infantry in Berlin
  • Recruit 3 line infantry in East Prussia
  • Build a sloop in your port in Brandenburg, this will send some extra men to East Prussia since that's where most of Poland's territory is.

Turn 3

  • Take 8 line infantry from Berlin and load them on the boat
  • Move the ship to East Prussia and unload men on shore

Turn 4

  • Move the 8 line infantry that you just unloaded to the woods right of Konigsberg (near the Polish fort)
  • Move all of Königsberg's Garrison to the woods south of east Prussia's farm
  • Recruit 4 line infantry in Berlin

Turn 5

  • Take the Army in Berlin and invade Saxony triggering a war with ONLY Poland
  • Take the army led by Alexander zu Dohna Schlobitten and take West Prussia.
  • Take army south of Königsberg's farm and take Warsaw. After you take the city, right click on Galicia
  • Take Vilnius with the army by the fort
  • Build 2 Militia in Brandenburg and West Prussia to protect from sneak attacks from Poland or Austria

Turn 6

  • Take 5 units in Lithuania and take Belarus
  • Take all units in Poland and attack Galicia

Turn 7

  • Move all but 2 units from Galicia back to Warsaw, Poland
  • Repair all conquered buildings
  • Repair any non-city buildings damaged

Good job on taking down Prussia's earliest enemy Poland, but don't forget to move some units back to Poland from West Prussia. You now have a solid start and two of your victory provinces. Poland is a valuable province if you let it develop. Taking out Poland puts your border against Russia, so be careful. However, it also opens land trade with them. Try forming alliances with Sweden, Great Britain and the United Provinces.; all are Protestant, so it should be easier to achieve. Also note that Austria starts allied to Great Britain, so if you get an alliance with the British the Austrians are less likely to attack. You now should focus on building up your empire before you do any more conquering; build weavers, iron workshops, taverns, churches, docks, etc.

Note: upgrading Structures is up to your personal choice. I did upgrade buildings when I tested it but decided to leave the choice to the player.

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