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Battle Strategy Articles

Are you getting to the field and throwing away battles? Are your troops losing their faith in you? Are superior armies not enough for you? Read articles on how to get the most out of land battles here.

General Strategy and Tactics

Articles in this section concern strategy and tactics on the battle map in general, without applying them to a particular army setup.

Artillery 102
A beginner's guide to using artillery effectively by Schwerpunkt
Defending Hilly Terrain
This article by wyzr outlines a useful strategy for defending hilly terrain, which relies not on holding the high ground, but on using it as cover.
Light Infantry, a force to be reckoned with
Learn how to make the most out of this versatile force in this article by Daelon

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Multiplayer and Custom Battle Strategies

Articles in this section refer to specific strategies for set open field battles and how to use them to greatest effect in order to annihilate the enemy army or armies.

No articles currently.

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Siege Battle Strategies

Articles in this section refer to both specific strategies for siege battles and the theory of taking or defending a settlement.

Once More unto the Breach Dear Fiends
Cauchpotato teaches us the art of assaulting forts effectively.

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Faction and Map Overviews

Articles in this section are overviews of the factions and maps available in Multiplayer and Custom Battles and how to use them to your best advantage.

Ottoman Infantry Tactics
Sargon II shows an Ottoman strategy combining Beylik Musketeers and Janissary Hand Mortar Boluks.

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Historical Battles

Articles in this section refer to the scripted Historical Battles in Empire: Total War, following a far more scripted battle than the freeform Custom Battles or Multiplayer.

No articles currently.

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