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Modding Articles Submission Guidelines

When you're writing a modification article you'll want it to be as good as possible. These guidelines will give you an idea of what to do in order to achieve this.

General guidelines

Submission drafts should be posted in the Guides & Articles Forum. Please check your spelling and overall structure before you send your draft, a few errors are to be expected but please take some time to look it over before you send it in. Don't worry if it doesn't fit in with any specific section, adding another section for a good article is no hassle on our part.

Make sure you test any articles you write before you submit them. For a step-by-step tutorial go through all the steps doing exactly what the article says and make sure everything works as it should. If you'd like someone else to test the article in addition to your own test please contact one of our staff members.

It is always nice to have pictures in your article. Please host all pictures on a site like Photobucket.com and include them in the draft using the code that will be provided by the image-hosting site.

Step-by-step tutorials

Step-by-step tutorials explain how to do things that require several steps to complete. When choosing the steps in which you want to divide the article try to make them as logical as possible. For example if there are several files that need to be edited talk about one file in each step. You don't need to describe each file in detail: this is what file explaining articles are for. It is useful to link to other useful articles from yours.

Make sure the steps are in a logical order: this makes it easy for readers to understand what they're doing. If there are many steps in your article it can be a good idea to include an overview of them at the top of the article in the form of a table of contents or a flowchart.

File explaining articles

These are articles that describe what a file does and what it looks like. For these kind of article it is highly recommended to include a sample from the file you're writing about. After that you can give a line-by-line breakdown, explaining what each line does. If there is limited amount of values that can be inserted somewhere in the file include the possible values.

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